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Persuasion Perfected brings together  decades of marketing expertise

with the best of online tech to elevate  your message to a whole new level of impact. Our depth of experience in digital  communications strategy and 

traditional marketing is richly informed by decades of work within the leadership of organizations that span the corporate,  technology, political, and nonprofit worlds.

How We Help

Persuasion Perfected's methods and technologies augment your organization's capacity to find your supporters, convince the undecided,  and motivate both to action through immersive multichannel digital advertising experiences by deploying multiple online advertising tactics entirely focused on reaching each one of your ideal targeted indivuduals.

Our Technology

Our proven approach to paid digital outreach involves the sourcing, ingestion, categorization, and eventual actualization of terabytes of online and offline data. This process enable us to identify the accurate online to offline targets our clients define for us at the outset of our engagement. Then, we generate a rich digital media plan that reaches this universe with a fully immersive online persuasion experience where the potency of the whole campaign's effect is only matched by the compelling quality of the digital ads deployed.

Who are we

Work With Us

Your Trusted Partner


We know what it’s like to be in your shoes because we’ve been there. We’ve worked in the trenches on every kind of ad campaign you could imagine.  We know the challenges you face every day, and we know what it takes to overcome those challenges and win.


We are your teammate – working with you every step of the way, actively tracking your campaign, keeping you informed, and using our experience and expertise to ensure your campaign is fully optimized and delivering the most effective inventory to the right targets at the lowest possible cost to you.


Your campaign is fighting for your targets’ attention with everyone and everything advertised online. That’s why we match eye-catching creative with the most precise targeting available ensuring your advertising stands out from the crowd and is noticed by the exact audience you are trying to reach.


Our team never rests. We are always looking for new ways to persuade your targets and win them over. We are innovators who are constantly tweaking existing platforms and developing solutions that will make your digital advertising campaign even more effective.


No one can match our data, our technology, our transparency or our customer service. That’s why are campaigns are on-time, on-budget, on-message and delivered to the right audience every time.


We immerse your targets with your message throughout their day-to-day lives – when they check the weather on their phone in the morning, when they are reading the news on their tablet, while they are online at work, playing on their phone as they wait in line at the grocery store. Persuasion Perfected.

Deterministic Matching


An effective, efficient digital advertising campaign targets real people, not profiles or broad demographics. Our broad range of data partnerships allows us to serve your digital ads to the exact person you want to reach online. We can deterministically match any of your offline files of voters, influencers, supporters, donors, customers, etc.  enabling your digital ad campaigns to reach your exact target audience.

Persuasion Perfected works directly with you to develop a carefully constructed audience composed of the exact voters you must reach and persuade to win. Then through deterministic matching, we are able to identify those audience members individually across all devices. This ensures we are serving your digital ads to the exact individuals you need to reach and persuade whatever device they might be on.


Through our data partnerships, we are able to deterministically match and reach an unprecedented percentage of your target universe across multiple devices.

Immersive Ad Experiences  


We ensure your digital advertising achieves maximum persuasion by immersing your target audience with ads throughout the day.


Because we’ve built a diverse digital advertising network with a broad range of inventory providers we are able to touch the individual members of your target universe with your digital advertising wherever they go online on any device they may use at any time they are online... Also, since, unlike many of our competitors, we utilize multiple inventory providers your ads are still reaching your audience even if a provider suffers an outage or service interruption.


For your audience members, it is a true immersive experience!

Constant Optimization


Our team is continually working with you to optimize and perfect your digital targeting and messaging. We’ll look for every opportunity to ensure you are effectively and efficiently delivering your message to your target audience wherever they are and whatever type of device they are on.



Data and transparency are key to understanding how your campaign is performing. Our custom reporting platform ensures that you always know every facet of your campaign is performing.  Log-in at your convenience to see results in real-time or have reports emailed to you daily.            

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